This maybe the most disturbing question these days, Signal Or WhatsApp. One has to stay and the other has to go.

But did you decided it yet?

Both are messaging apps which are an essential part of of everyone’s life who uses a Smartphone these days.

WhatsApp has gone all time popular and it has got to a point were people don’t like to SMS a text even when they have free SMS offers by their telecom companies. In short we can say that WhatsApp has killed short messaging service platform for ever. Actually SMS’s are now a days only used by the spam companies to promote their weird products.

Lets compare their current install rates at Google Play Store;

Signal Vs WhatsApp

    If you check the above Pie Chart, you will say “Signal”, no way bro. We can’t even see it in the chart. But don’t take it lightly as “Signal” has gone extremely popular after the WhatsApps new controversial privacy policy update and “Elon Musks” tweet.

    It has pushed WhatsApp to the second place in India and in several countries. It is now the number one messaging app when it comes to the daily install counts in a number of countries.

    As per the current Google Play Store data total WhatsApp installs comes around 5,00,0000000 while signal has got barely 5,00,00000. But don’t trust the current figures, because it’s all going to change.

    What is WhatsApp’s Controversial Privacy Policy Update?

    As per the new policy

    WhatsApp would share transaction data, mobile device information, IP addresses, and other data on how users interact with businesses on WhatsApp and with Facebook group companies, including Instagram. According to the company’s diktat, if users fail to accept the new privacy policy by February 8, 2021, they will lose their WhatsApp account.

    This has triggered widespread rage against WhatsApp and a sudden attraction towards the Signal App.But what WhatsApp has to say about this?

    This is WhatsApp’s official explanation about the privacy policy controversy on twitter.

    These are all the controversies though, but what is Signal App and do we have any benefit using it?

    Is it superior over WhatsApp?

    To know please read the below ground breaking features signal app has to offer over WhatsApp. After reading it please decide yourself.

    1. Screen Lock

    This is the one feature you all dreamed of having by default on WhatsApp. Yes Signal has it by default without any additional app support. With this feature people who uses Signal is protected from “peeping toms” in your home and office. If you want to open “Signal App” messages you need to know the PIN along with the biometrics even though you have a screen unlocked phone with you.

    2. Contact Join Notification Switch Off/Disable

    With this feature you can get rid of unwanted notification messages which comes in truck loads when one of your contacts newly join WhatsApp. If you have a lot of contacts saved on your phone it may get real messy sometimes. In Signal there is a dedicated feature to turn off/disable the join notifications.

    3. Blurring Faces

    With this useful feature you can blur the faces/secret documents in a photo.  You will automatically get this option when you are sending image files. This is indeed a security feature which will help you to send confidential information safely.

    4. Disappearing Messages

    This was a state of the art feature in Signal long before WhatsApp introduced it recently.  This feature will enable you to delete the already send messages automatically if not read even after a prescribed amount of time. You can also set a time frame for automatic deletion of messages.

    5. One Time Attachments

    This feature in Signal will delete the multimedia messages automatically after watching it. You will be able to watch it even after months but will be deleted once viewed. This will be an added advantage in saving storage space.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hope this write up helped you in deciding whether “Signal” or “WhatsApp” will be your future messaging app.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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