Many of you who are using a Home UPS/Inverter @ home or shops will be facing this issue since you bought it.

  • When do I need to top up the distilled water in the battery?
  • How much water I need to fill?
  • Will over filling inversely affect the battery life?

Your concerns are very much genuine when it comes to the life of your costly tubular/SLA batteries.

If you are using a float level indication in your tubular battery then it’s very easy to find out the water level but if you don’t have a float level then it’s very hard to find out the same.

Lets take the case of a tubular battery with float level indication;

As shown in the above image there will be a green line and red line on the float level indicator. If the top of the float is leveled or gone beyond the red level then you have to do a top up. If the top of the float is in line with the green ring then your water level is perfectly alright.

Please make sure that you don’t overfill, because overfilling leads to wastage of battery acid which will in turn result in reduced performance of your battery or it’s life.

So if the top of the float is below or inline with the red ring, do not use the battery anymore unless it is filled with distilled water. Use only when the top of the float is inline with the green ring or above the red ring.

However if you don’t have float level on your tubular/SLA battery then it’s very difficult to monitor the water level.

In that case you need to physically find the water level from the battery indications on the side. There will be something written like “Min” and “Max” on the battery body. Here “Min” means the water is less, just like the red ring and “Max” means the maximum allowed water level, please don’t over fill. The water level can be seen if you place the battery against the sunlight or any powerful light source.

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